4093 as push button trigger or clock

i’m working on something and this is a little tidbit of that. this one works wonders in triggering a 4017 decade counter for instance, or the opening the gates of a 4066. i would like to figure out how to store a high signal in a flip-flop, so i could ditch the SPDT switch…. and


an oscillator feeding into an oscillator feeding into an oscillator feeding into an oscillator with each feeding being turned on and off by an oscillator. chips used: 4066, 4093 and 40106. i might do a proper write-up at some point. no schematic as this was completely freestyled.

PELLE8001 puredata patch

chaotic 8-step sequencer. Each step has square wave oscillator, sine wave oscillator, wav file sampler and noise generator. Lenght of steps can be controlled, overall and individually, and sequentially muted. Two square wave oscillators modulate each other and a third one modulates the combined two. Optional random frequency modulation on each one of them with

chips, chips, chips

rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr CD4069UBE hex inverter ye olde pinout diagram untested what we based the gravhund fuzz on oscillation and feedback, yummy. we do not have great experience with this chip. putting it here for the sake of convenience. links of interest to this chip CD4069 Datasheet | Hex inverter/Buffers | Example | ElecCircuit.com A CD4069 consists


oh shit, i nearly abandoned this webshite when i realized actually how bad my pcb’s were—–