Background sound is some guy playing guitar, not sequencing anything.

So, the sequencer PCB seemingly works. Sound pretty bad errors on the design, but we got sequencing going on!

It’s running off a 9v battery and each step outputs about 1.5v, so the low power modules should be fine with it.

More experiments to come…

power, first gig and some dead modules


i built a power module using a LM317… it works pretty well. plug in 9v and out comes 2.98v… woo hoo.

it’s a text book circuit that feeds out 2.98v times 5 and, experimental as everything is, we also added a power plug that goes straight to the module that can handle up to 15v. which in retrospect wasn’t so clever as we ended up frying two modules.

i don’t think it’s because of the power module. i think it’s because the panels are not isolated and the in’s and out’s are chaotic. somehow the synth module (only one running on 9v) overloaded the others when everything got patched up. it popped the ACAB and the HAMMERTIME units. Popped one of the LEDS on the ray gun too.

in addition to that, it stopped working altogether (the synth).

anyway, each output has nice on/off switches and always on/momentary off panic buttons.

we also made two passive A/B selectors in one panel – mostly just to fill up the last empty slot in the rack

quick and easy

in the end, we played a show at MASKINEN in Svendborg, sound of that gig is here:

ded module gig

another 15HP of shit

i found an old module from the quantum noise machine, cut and drilled a eurohack panel and remounted it.

it went from this:

to this:

the grey wire sticking out of frame on the first picture is an LDR, we decided to put it to a 3.5mm jack instead of having it hardwired.

i’m not entirely sure what the module is made from (i forgot) and couldn’t be bothered to strip away the magnificent duct-tape isolation job. i think it’s a couple of 4093 oscillators with a 555 timer on top. it has a pretty wide range of chaotic sound.

Modules installed


So it has begun. We installed the first 5 modules. From left to right it’s: SCRWDRVR, ACAB UNIT #1, HAMMERTIME, RAY GUN and TRIGGER HAPPY TRIGGER UNIT.

Testing it live on saturday. Might record some audio of it soon.

change ov planz, new modules underway & prettier panels

die, human scum, dieI

that is the crappiest piece of crap toy ever made. it was a dog, i skinned it and had to power it on the inside because it has a serious case of battery acid leak (picture below). i got it up and running but it goes straight to the trash because all it fucking does is play a sample of that horrible, horrible “who let the dogs out” song, i’m not even going to try bending it.

acid dog
some kind of parking garage

this is a fun circuit.. it has 7 different sounds but basically unbendable as there are no resistors or anything going out of the black blob. just the switches and speaker out.

but we don’t give up so easily, so we just added 3.5mm jacks to the switches and off we go. could have done this cleverer, tho. theoretically there’s no need to solder all the ground points, just the signals.. you live you learn, i guess.

the idea was to be able to sequence each sound and from that build strange rhythms, but it turns out that when plugging in LFO or sequencer to several triggers at once, the sounds blend and mix. unexpected and fun result of circuit bending!


picked up two identical ray guns and briefly thought about doing a stereo module,but in the end we’ll just do two modules.


pretty basic stuff.. triggers on the pitch/speed bend and a breaker on the constant sound, etc, etc. didn’t mount this one yet as we decided to make an effort and paint some panels nicely

pretty stuff..

this is an experiment. the yellow panel on the right is for the ray gun and the one on the left is for the parking garage thing. the black ones are undrilled and have no candidates, yet.

finally, we hacked the shit out of this screwdriver:

screw it!

at first it seemed impossible to bend but we don’t give up and we found some bends anyway… we found a way to make it loop and that is pretty nice.

SMD PCB’s are easy

this one has trigger start for single play, a switch for constant looping sound and triggerable pitch bend. this was put in a 4HP panel but we forgot to take pictures.

oh, and we dropped the suitcase idea for now as we found a box that you’d think was MADE for eurorack. it’s small but beautiful

78HP box

next up is mounting the circuits we hacked and building the power supply…

first modules ready: HAMMERTIME & TRIGGER HAPPY

I made the first couple of modules. First one is a black blob circuit ripped from a cheap plastic toy hammer that doesn’t really sound like a hammer, only bend I could find was the boring old pitch bend..

hammertime, 5HP

,it has three different sounds and some kind of switching circuitry inside the black blob. if triggered continuously it stays on the same sound and switches to the next sound after a pause. i can’t be bothered to figure out how the fuck it works.

it’s not 100% eurorack compa tible as i don’t have any IDC sockets for eurorack-style power – i suppose i’d have to add a LM317 to regulate the power as this only needs 3V.

i hot-glued the circuit board to the panel because why not?


2nd module i call TRIGGER HAPPY and is stupid simple… it’s a quad passive push-button trigger unit. press a button and it triggers whatever.

here’s a picture of some of the plastic crap left over from this project:

i hate plastic,