dual 8-step shitcore sequencer

designed in KiCad

so, the PCB is done…

i picked the wrong footprints (the 3D models of the components), but that’s not really a problem as i am not a professional. i did the routing of the traces using FreeRouting and went pretty smooth.

beautiful mess!

next up is figuring out wtf a gerber file is and sending it to China.

i hate breadboarding and simulation in KiCad is really fucking complex, so lets hope my circuit diagram is good. LOL!

the circuit below is the one i based it on (which in turn was most likely based on the baby-10). i assume the diodes are just general purpose/standard diodes and, based on a suggestion from some dude on IRC, i will go for resistors of 10K rather than 1K.

i have no idea what i’m doing.

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