power, first gig and some dead modules


i built a power module using a LM317… it works pretty well. plug in 9v and out comes 2.98v… woo hoo.

it’s a text book circuit that feeds out 2.98v times 5 and, experimental as everything is, we also added a power plug that goes straight to the module that can handle up to 15v. which in retrospect wasn’t so clever as we ended up frying two modules.

i don’t think it’s because of the power module. i think it’s because the panels are not isolated and the in’s and out’s are chaotic. somehow the synth module (only one running on 9v) overloaded the others when everything got patched up. it popped the ACAB and the HAMMERTIME units. Popped one of the LEDS on the ray gun too.

in addition to that, it stopped working altogether (the synth).

anyway, each output has nice on/off switches and always on/momentary off panic buttons.

we also made two passive A/B selectors in one panel – mostly just to fill up the last empty slot in the rack

quick and easy

in the end, we played a show at MASKINEN in Svendborg, sound of that gig is here:

ded module gig

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