dual 8-step shitcore sequencer

designed in KiCad

so, the PCB is done…

i picked the wrong footprints (the 3D models of the components), but that’s not really a problem as i am not a professional. i did the routing of the traces using FreeRouting and went pretty smooth.

beautiful mess!

next up is figuring out wtf a gerber file is and sending it to China.

i hate breadboarding and simulation in KiCad is really fucking complex, so lets hope my circuit diagram is good. LOL!

the circuit below is the one i based it on (which in turn was most likely based on the baby-10). i assume the diodes are just general purpose/standard diodes and, based on a suggestion from some dude on IRC, i will go for resistors of 10K rather than 1K.

i have no idea what i’m doing.

welcome 2 my blogue

i used to have a blog documenting the process of creating a shitcore modular synth. it was named the QUANTUM NOISE MACHINE but the blog died and the machine broke. this is the 2nd attempt at such a project.

the QUANTUM NOISE MACHINE was never really a modular system as it was just a collection of crappy toys and noise makers mounted to panels and housed in a big suitcase, and it was not inter-connectable.

it sounded something like this:

the new machine is as of yet untitled but is planned to be fully inter-connectable (bananas everywhere) and very much a modular (shitcore) synth, complete with sequencers, LFOs and shit.

and as the cheapest components ebay has to offer take about 20-40 days to arrive, i have time to design circuits and rip circuits from toys and gadgets.

first of which is a simple dual 8-step sequencer based on a 4017 decade counter and a 555 timer circuit.

please note this is a work in progress. the diodes should be grounded and shit…

general idea is still the same: crap toys and stupid sound makers make fun noise/music.

if u have comments or just want a chit-chat or make cyber-friends my email is: noisebob@shitcore.org, my shitcore.org profile is here and i’m usually on freenode IRC when working on this project (pestering the people of #kicad or ##electronics, you can find me there or on the #shitcore channel).

c ya!