another 15HP of shit

i found an old module from the quantum noise machine, cut and drilled a eurohack panel and remounted it.

it went from this:

to this:

the grey wire sticking out of frame on the first picture is an LDR, we decided to put it to a 3.5mm jack instead of having it hardwired.

i’m not entirely sure what the module is made from (i forgot) and couldn’t be bothered to strip away the magnificent duct-tape isolation job. i think it’s a couple of 4093 oscillators with a 555 timer on top. it has a pretty wide range of chaotic sound.

Modules installed


So it has begun. We installed the first 5 modules. From left to right it’s: SCRWDRVR, ACAB UNIT #1, HAMMERTIME, RAY GUN and TRIGGER HAPPY TRIGGER UNIT.

Testing it live on saturday. Might record some audio of it soon.

first modules ready: HAMMERTIME & TRIGGER HAPPY

I made the first couple of modules. First one is a black blob circuit ripped from a cheap plastic toy hammer that doesn’t really sound like a hammer, only bend I could find was the boring old pitch bend..

hammertime, 5HP

,it has three different sounds and some kind of switching circuitry inside the black blob. if triggered continuously it stays on the same sound and switches to the next sound after a pause. i can’t be bothered to figure out how the fuck it works.

it’s not 100% eurorack compa tible as i don’t have any IDC sockets for eurorack-style power – i suppose i’d have to add a LM317 to regulate the power as this only needs 3V.

i hot-glued the circuit board to the panel because why not?


2nd module i call TRIGGER HAPPY and is stupid simple… it’s a quad passive push-button trigger unit. press a button and it triggers whatever.

here’s a picture of some of the plastic crap left over from this project:

i hate plastic,