another 15HP of shit

i found an old module from the quantum noise machine, cut and drilled a eurohack panel and remounted it.

it went from this:

to this:

the grey wire sticking out of frame on the first picture is an LDR, we decided to put it to a 3.5mm jack instead of having it hardwired.

i’m not entirely sure what the module is made from (i forgot) and couldn’t be bothered to strip away the magnificent duct-tape isolation job. i think it’s a couple of 4093 oscillators with a 555 timer on top. it has a pretty wide range of chaotic sound.


here’s a function diagram describing a synth idea:

pretty basic really… first off we make two oscillators from a 4093 quad 2-input NAND Schmitt trigger IC, those two oscillators we feed into a mixing circuit (probably based on a LM358 chip, but i’m not sure if i have that chip), the mixed signal goes into a LM567 tone decoder chip (for extreme crunching) which is fed a flashing LED to its LDR. easy peasy!

of course both oscillators, the mix ins and outs and chaos in will be mounted to banana sockets, and possibly also the clock on the flashing LED.

named after Mikhail Zhlobitsky.