tiny modular

found a couple of nice little boxes that in which modules fit real snugly. it’s still crap, tho…


So, the sequencer PCB seemingly works. Sound pretty bad errors on the design, but we got sequencing going on! It’s running off a 9v battery and each step outputs about 1.5v, so the low power modules should be fine with it. More experiments to come…

power, first gig and some dead modules

i built a power module using a LM317… it works pretty well. plug in 9v and out comes 2.98v… woo hoo. it’s a text book circuit that feeds out 2.98v times 5 and, experimental as everything is, we also added a power plug that goes straight to the module that can handle up to 15v.

modular suitcase and a popped cap

a friend gifted me a nice little dj-mixer (GEMINI PMX-7), and inside i found a popped capacitor. FREAKY STUFF! the mixer seemingly works so i think the capacitor is just for filtering/roughening off the edges, i’ll just replace it – easy fix. i’m taking the mixer apart in order to compress it, so i can

where to find NOISEBOB on forumz

first of all: second of all, here’s a list of alternative ways to socialize: noiseguide (gear section) gearslutz (lame name, big forum) circuitbenders forum (nice resource, kinda dead) lines (never posted there, but seems knowledgeable) maniacs only (gear section) all about circuits (for the more technical aspects) electro-tech-online (another general electronics forum) experimentalists anonymous (old