modular suitcase and a popped cap

a friend gifted me a nice little dj-mixer (GEMINI PMX-7), and inside i found a popped capacitor. FREAKY STUFF!


the mixer seemingly works so i think the capacitor is just for filtering/roughening off the edges, i’ll just replace it – easy fix.

i’m taking the mixer apart in order to compress it, so i can fit it in this nice little suitcase i picked up in the local freeshop

.suitcase for important modular businessssssss

after ripping out the insides it looks promising but is quite slim. need to be strategic here.

blurry photo, yeah i know..

adding some sticks of wood and we’ve got rails

cheap, quick, dirty, shitcore!®

i decided to go for the EURORACK format as it’s the trendiest, so i hacked a piece of metal plate from a broken tape deck into smaller pieces, to make panels for modules.

cheap panels
(wrong tool in photo)
the sticks have not been mounted

perfectly cut 10HP and 20HP panels (lower row, left side and upper row), the third one (on the right side) is just there for the fuck of it….

the SicBox is sick…

extreme noise mak

this just got breadboarded. it’s pretty noisy. trying to figure out how to control the dirt.


i need to think. and maybe even read the datasheet.


here’s a function diagram describing a synth idea:

pretty basic really… first off we make two oscillators from a 4093 quad 2-input NAND Schmitt trigger IC, those two oscillators we feed into a mixing circuit (probably based on a LM358 chip, but i’m not sure if i have that chip), the mixed signal goes into a LM567 tone decoder chip (for extreme crunching) which is fed a flashing LED to its LDR. easy peasy!

of course both oscillators, the mix ins and outs and chaos in will be mounted to banana sockets, and possibly also the clock on the flashing LED.

named after Mikhail Zhlobitsky.

dual 8-step shitcore sequencer

designed in KiCad

so, the PCB is done…

i picked the wrong footprints (the 3D models of the components), but that’s not really a problem as i am not a professional. i did the routing of the traces using FreeRouting and went pretty smooth.

beautiful mess!

next up is figuring out wtf a gerber file is and sending it to China.

i hate breadboarding and simulation in KiCad is really fucking complex, so lets hope my circuit diagram is good. LOL!

the circuit below is the one i based it on (which in turn was most likely based on the baby-10). i assume the diodes are just general purpose/standard diodes and, based on a suggestion from some dude on IRC, i will go for resistors of 10K rather than 1K.

i have no idea what i’m doing.

welcome 2 my blogue

i used to have a blog documenting the process of creating a shitcore modular synth. it was named the QUANTUM NOISE MACHINE but the blog died and the machine broke. this is the 2nd attempt at such a project.

the QUANTUM NOISE MACHINE was never really a modular system as it was just a collection of crappy toys and noise makers mounted to panels and housed in a big suitcase, and it was not inter-connectable.

it sounded something like this:

the new machine is as of yet untitled but is planned to be fully inter-connectable (bananas everywhere) and very much a modular (shitcore) synth, complete with sequencers, LFOs and shit.

and as the cheapest components ebay has to offer take about 20-40 days to arrive, i have time to design circuits and rip circuits from toys and gadgets.

first of which is a simple dual 8-step sequencer based on a 4017 decade counter and a 555 timer circuit.

please note this is a work in progress. the diodes should be grounded and shit…

general idea is still the same: crap toys and stupid sound makers make fun noise/music.

if u have comments or just want a chit-chat or make cyber-friends my email is:, my profile is here and i’m usually on freenode IRC when working on this project (pestering the people of #kicad or ##electronics, you can find me there or on the #shitcore channel).

c ya!